Checkered Carpet Tiles For Professional Looking Reception Areas: Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Reception area design is a crucial part of an office overall impact.  It is one of the first places your customer will see and this is where your guest and potential clients establish their first impression of your company.  A reception area is an important component of a workplace and needs to look sleek, professional and at the same time feels welcoming and accommodating.  Your reception area design should reflect and carry the company name and image while inspiring confidence and reassure visitors that you mean business.

Carpet Tiles for Comfortable and Inviting Reception Area - Mandaluyong City

Carpet Tiles for Comfortable and Inviting Reception Area – Mandaluyong City

Our client in Mandaluyong City understands the significance of its reception area that’s why they take its interior design seriously as they believe first impressions are lasting impressions which is important in the business.  From the ceiling, walls, furniture down to the floor design everything must be well-thought and coordinate with one another to produce welcoming effect and an aura of professionalism.  One of the fundamental aspect of your interior that can greatly affect the outcome of your office is to choose the right floor covering.  One of the popular floor cover today for office is carpet tiles that our client also chooses to install because of its several benefits and unique look.

Carpet Tile for Reception Areas - Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Carpet Tile for Reception Areas – Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Carpet tiles are designed to square pieces of carpet to be easily installed, remove and replace.  In other words it offers a high degree of flexibility and has a relatively low level of wastage compared to other types of flooring.  Because carpet tiles are flexible you can mix and match them as you wish and create different patterns depending on how you wish to install it.  There’s lots of different installation technique on how you choose to do the laying process to create unique flooring patterns.  The possibilities for creating unique and custom pattern in carpet tile are endless.

The most common and basic laying processes are monolithic, non-directional, quarter-turn and checkered. Quarter-turn is when the carpet tiles are turned 90 degrees to one another i.e. perfect method for striped design.  Monolithic is when every carpet tiles pattern is facing in one direction while non-directional is placed without regard to direction and facing everywhere.  Lastly is the checkered patterns that use two different color carpet tiles placed alternating.

Checkered Carpet Tiles installed at Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Checkered Carpet Tiles installed at Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Our client favor to use checkered pattern carpet tiles with light and dark gray color combination, a basic yet artistic pattern that can bring a professional look for a reception area. The unique carpet design adds creativity to the room plus the soft footings that bring comfort to everyone only boost the overall ambiance of the room. The dark and light gray color also complements the other furniture that creates balance.

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