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Soft and Comfortable Carpet for Any Room: Installation at Las Pinas City, Philippines

Carpet flooring has always been a favorite choice for the household because it can easily create a comfortable and luxurious ambiance in any room in your home.  Nothing compares to carpet when it comes to making your home comfortable and fashionable.  Credits to their many colors, styles and texture, carpet can help you create the atmosphere that you want for your home décor, from the most calming to the most dazzling.

Broadloom Carpet with Design for Masters Bedroom – Taguig City, Philippines

When it comes to beautifying your bedroom, your objective shouldn’t be limited to making it stunning in appearance but, also a design that can create a relaxing and calming feeling in your room. Choosing the right furniture, walling and flooring design can create the perfect setting to make your dream bedroom come true.  In this article we’re going to focus on how our client in Taguig City create a stunning and comfortable bedroom design with the help of broadloom carpet.

Textured Loop Pile Carpet Tiles Installed For a New Executive Room – Makati City

Carpet comes in a variety of types and style of construction and not a lot of people know or notice its difference with one another.  Carpet is commonly found in two types of construction i.e. cut pile and loop pile.  Each construction offers different styles to choose from.  Cut pile is recommended for residential area because it’s softer while loop pile is more suitable for high traffic area like commercial places because of its great durability.  One of our clients in Makati specifically chooses Loop Pile Carpet Tile for one of their executive room floor covering because of the lots of different benefits that comes with it.

Carpet Tiles Over Ceramic Tile for Office Improvements: Bonifacio Global City

Ceramic tiles used to be one of the most popular materials for floor covering both in commercial and residential area. But as we all know times fly and things change and develop for the better.  Floor covering today greatly progress to offer different and better varieties of flooring such as carpet, hardwood and laminate.  Now carpet is one of leading floor choices, both in commercial and residential area.  There are two types of carpet one is the wall to wall carpet the best choice for residential place while the other type is carpet tile which is more suitable for commercial area like our client choose in Bonifacio Global City.

Carpet Tiles For Hotel Function Rooms Installed at Manila Philippines

A function room also known as reception or banquet hall is a room for the purpose of hosting a party, wedding or other social events. It’s commonly found within pubs, club hotels or restaurants.  In hotels, function hall is one of the important areas that they need to preserve and keep updated.  There are lot standards requirement to follow and things to consider since function hall mostly accommodate a large sum of guest in every event.

Checkered Carpet Tiles For Professional Looking Reception Areas: Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Reception area design is a crucial part of an office overall impact.  It is one of the first places your customer will see and this is where your guest and potential clients establish their first impression of your company.  A reception area is an important component of a workplace and needs to look sleek, professional and at the same time feels welcoming and accommodating.  Your reception area design should reflect and carry the company name and image while inspiring confidence and reassure visitors that you mean business.

Difference Between Loop Type and Cut Pile Carpet

In this article we will be discussing about loop type and cut-pile carpets or combination of both and discuss some of its advantages and disadvantages and which ones most suitable for your home or office.

Loop Type Carpet

Loop type carpet has small loops that is usually made of nylon or olefin.  Commercial carpet is usually glued directly to the floor although it can be installed over 1/4″ underlay foam padding.  Any looped carpet can snag and run, and for that reason is not often used in residential setting where there are small children or pets.

Cut Pile Carpet for Home Theater and Entertainment Room Pasay City Philippines

Most designers use carpets as highlight or accent to home interiors overall theme.  Finding the right design and style of carpet for every project is quite challenging, especially if your client has a special request in a particular home space.  Style, shade and texture are the first things you have to consider when choosing a high-end carpet. Full concentration and creativity throughout the area is required to fully meet your client’s satisfaction.

Custom Made Carpet for Office Renovation Ideas – Makati City, Philippines

Gone are the days when offices look boring and simple were typically made with cubicle, surrounded by common white walls, cheap flooring and lit by white fluorescent lights.  Fortunately, more people welcome the idea that a creative work surroundings help stimulate minds and inspire innovation to employees.  That’s why one of our clients in Makati City, where multinational and local corporations in the country is and known as the financial center of the Philippines renovate their office and choose to welcome the idealistic and unique working environment to encourage some genius ideas along the way.

Carpet Tiles: Best Flooring for Offices – Installation at Mandaluyong, Philippines

Why is it that carpet tiles are one of the leading flooring choices for commercial places? Almost every day office flooring has to handle high amounts of traffic. To accommodate and withstand such traffic requires hard-wearing flooring. Carpet tiles are one of the most recommended flooring for high traffic areas because its thick surface structure and different solid and strong layers backing system is durable enough and can easily adapt without damaging itself.