Transforming stages with Stylish Carpet Tile Installation: Quezon Project

A stage is as common as anything else we see in our everyday life. It is an elevated platform where a main speaker or a set of characters let discussions or entertainment happen. It is strategically placed at the center of a venue so that audiences have a common area to focus on. Ironically, with stages being the platform for an audience’s attention, it’s not everyday that we talk about its importance and how to enhance its use and appearance. But as our drill goes, we shall venture on the transformation of our Quezon client’s stage with a stylish carpet tile installation. 

Carpet tiles can be distinguished from traditional carpets through its structure. These are smaller, individual carpet squares formed and interlocked to accommodate or cover a certain floor space. As a quick look, these types of carpets are convenient, functional, cost-effective, aesthetic and sustainable. For this specific article, we will expand on the installation of carpet tiles for the Jesus is Lord Church, Gumaca Quezon. 

Carpet tile for stages QC

Our client is a Christian church and their stage is used to lead activities of worship. Carpet tiles are easily a great choice because for their purposes, churches are high-traffic areas as these places aim to accommodate churchgoers and their members or worshippers. With carpet tiles installed on stage, leading ceremonies or performances become a breeze because of anti-slip and fall texture of the floor covering. These carpets are composed of thicker weaved backings, allowing them to withstand the wear and tear of high-traffic or congested areas.

This installation of stylish carpet tile  also proves functional because it was able to cater  the unconventional shape of the stage. Because these tiles are smaller and individually assembled, it is easier to arrange them in a complex stage shape with stairs. From this, we learn that these carpet types are the best choice if clients prefer to customize according to the shape and corners of their floor space.

Because of its shape and structure, carpet tiles are really easy to install and effectively reduces wastes from installation. In the event that a carpet tile gets heavily damaged and will need replacement, owners can simply just replace a certain tile without having to purchase a whole carpet set. This makes their purchase more beneficial and cost-effective. 

Further, these are stain and moisture-resistant carpets, which means it doesn’t need regular deep cleaning or high maintenance. If one is environment-conscious, carpet tiles are definitely a sustainable way to go. A lot of carpet tile producers use recycled materials in their manufacturing process, such as fishing nets and plastic bottles. Furthermore, compared to traditional carpets, less material ends up in landfills because one would only need to replace the tiles that are damaged or spoiled. 

Our client chose a neutral color for their stage. This is a reasonable option since their space is for worship and prayer. They did the right thing choosing a product that is not loud but is classy and functional at the same time. If you are looking for something similar, see other carpet options in this link:

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