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Transforming stages with Stylish Carpet Tile Installation: Quezon Project

A stage is as common as anything else we see in our everyday life. It is an elevated platform where a main speaker or a set of characters let discussions or entertainment happen. It is strategically placed at the center of a venue so that audiences have a common area to focus on. Ironically, with stages being the platform for an audience’s attention, it’s not everyday that we talk about its importance and how to enhance its use and appearance. But as our drill goes, we shall venture on the transformation of our Quezon client’s stage with a stylish carpet tile installation. 

Introducing Lights Carpet Tile – 100% BCF Synthetic Fiber

If you are looking for a 100% BCF (bulk continuous filament) synthetic fiber, you might want to check out our Lights carpet tile.  Compared to staple type i.e. those with shorter strands that are twisted together to form a longer one, the BCF uses a continuous synthetic fiber so it doesn’t shed easily unlike its counterpart.  It’s material is usually olefin or nylon, while the staple type is usually wool.

New Carpet Tiles for MOR Radio Station For Life!

MOR 101.9 My Only Radio Station For Life is the first FM radio station in the Philippines that started around 1956 owned by ABS-CBN Corporation. Although it’s started with different names, overall MOR Radio Station still keeps its popularity and reputation as one of the leading radio stations that provide good music nationwide.

Recommended Carpet Material for High Traffic Areas Such As Hallway

Carpet has a wide selection of different materials, style and design available in the market today that go way beyond your imagination. However, most of us when we see a rug we identify them just a simple carpet, but the truth is all carpet is different and have different purposes and area of expertise. There’s some carpet that’s perfect for home flooring like in the bedroom and living room. Those were mostly categorized as home carpet because they provide better comfort, softer footing and warm atmosphere that fit well for residential homes. While some carpet is more fitting for commercial space that’s perfect for high traffic area. The trouble is how can we distinguish and track down the right kind of carpet for high traffic area as well as for residential carpet.

Checkered Carpet Tiles For Professional Looking Reception Areas: Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Reception area design is a crucial part of an office overall impact.  It is one of the first places your customer will see and this is where your guest and potential clients establish their first impression of your company.  A reception area is an important component of a workplace and needs to look sleek, professional and at the same time feels welcoming and accommodating.  Your reception area design should reflect and carry the company name and image while inspiring confidence and reassure visitors that you mean business.

Carpet Tiles: Remodeling Commercial Office Interior Design – Pasig City Philippines

Taking ownership or renting an office building or office space can face different challenges. If you’re a new tenant to an office space you will have to live with the current layout or you will have to remodel. Remodeling would be the most sensible choice by means of you would get exactly what you wanted and needed. You can rearrange the space to suit your employees and to impress your customer exactly like what our client do in their new office.

Carpet and Carpet Tiles Now Available at Pandora Enterprises Lipa Batangas

Carpet and carpet tiles from DS Windows & Walls is now available at Pandora Enterprises Lipa Batangas!  You may call Mr. Patrick Villapando at 0917-583-0214 or Sun 0922-592-6111 or 0908-989-4676.

Visit its showroom at Brgy. Paninsingin, Tambo, Lipa City to see the wide variety of broadloom carpets and carpet tiles.  Available brands for broadloom carpet (also known as wall-to-wall carpet) includes New Tango, Ojero, Excalibur, Avalon, Power Grid, etc.  For carpet tiles we have brands such as Basal, Mainstreet, Lights, and high-end variety (100% Nylon) Tactic, Epic, Consensus, etc.  We also have cut-pile carpet brands like Condo 24, Granito, and Wilton.

Carpet Tile vs Wall-to-wall Carpet / Broadloom Carpet: Philippines

Are you planning to have carpet flooring in your home or office? DS Windows & Walls Interior Supply offers two types of carpet, the carpet tile and wall-to-wall carpet also known as broadloom carpet and carpet roll. We both supply and install affordable carpet all over the Philippines. Both carpet flooring have advantages and disadvantages. When you are planning to install carpet, you have to be well knowledgeable on both advantages and disadvantages of carpet tile and broadloom carpet.