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How To Measure Carpet

DS Windows & Walls offers free on-site measurements if within Metro Manila, Philippines.  You can just give us a call at (02) 403-3262 for details.  However, in case you’re outside Metro Manila or want to do your own estimates we offer you a guide on how to measure your room for carpet.

In order to get a basic idea about how much you will need to spend on your carpet you will need to know about how much carpet you’re going need.  To do this you will need to use a tape measure.  When measuring your rooms, be sure to measure the absolute widest and longest points of each room, including closet areas and a couple inches through the doorways.  Measure in feet.  This will only be an estimate, not exact amounts.

Carpet Styles

It is important to choose the right carpet for your needs and lifestyle so we will be presenting here the common carpet styles.


This style of carpet is usually one solid color and has an even turf height.  You can find practically any color imaginable.  It is one of the most popular style used in homes and offices nowadays.  If made in nylon (as some plush are made of other materials such as PET), this carpet will clean easily and wear well if taken cared of.  Plush carpet styles will show footprints and vacuum marks.  Prices for plush varies depending on the face-weight and materials used.


This plush style carpet generally has more than one color of yarn and has varying tuft heights, hence reducing footprint and vacuum marks.  This style is a good selection for residential customers.  It is available in most colors and has a life expectancy and price that is similar to plush style.


This style of carpet has very tightly twisted tufts and wears very well.  This style of carpet if cared for can last 20 years or more.  It may be used in heavy traffic areas like corridors, kitchen, etc., provides reduced footprint and is a wonderful and elegant selection for the residential and office customers.


This type of carpet has two types of tufts used in its construction, one is looped and one is not, which gives this carpet a hi-low appearance.  The color usually varies in shade from light to dark and is rich in appearance.  Prices and life-span increase with higher face-weight yarns.


This has become quite popular in recent years because of its elegant appearance.  The tufts are looped and aligned in rows for a clean uniform look.  When choosing this carpet be sure to select one with smaller loops to get the best wear-ability.  Large looped Berbers tend to collapse quickly and look worn-out sooner.  It’s not recommended for homes with small children or domestic pets as this carpet can snag and run easily.  This carpet is usually made of Olefin fiber.  Prices are fairly reasonable for most Berbers.


A cut-pile carpet texture of heat-set plied yarns in a relatively dense, erect configuration, with well defined individual turf tips.  Saxony are denser and have more erect tufts than shags.  Their tip definition is more pronounced than in singles plush, which is another dense cut-pile carpet style.  Saxony have generally displaced singles plush styles from the marketplace.


Commercial carpets are generally used in offices and commercial applications where there is heavy traffic.  Level loop has small loops and cut pile is a short napped plush type of carpet.  Both are usually made of nylon or olefin.  Recent advancements in olefin fibers have allowed for a carpet with brighter colors and more durable than previously available.  Commercial carpet is usually glued directly to the floor although it can be installed over 1/4″ high-density (6 to 8 pound) padding.